Black Belt Grading



Congratulations to all those students, who graded and passed today.

We have 6 brand new 1st Dan Black Belts, and another 1 progressed to a 2nd Dan and 2 more progressed to 3rd Dans.

MANY thanks go to all the club instructors:

  • Hugh Bungie Ruse of Budokan,
  • Peter Jones of Kenshin,
  • Wayne ‘Koji’ Jones of Koketsu,
  • Sharon ‘Ruse’ Clement of Kasai-Ryu,
  • Derek Stephens of Clydach Wado-Kai,
  • Tina Thomas of Tumble Karate Club

Not forgetting, of course, Gaynor Ruse our association secretary for all the paperwork, preparation and in the cafe.